Founded in 1984, LMSOFT has focused on making multimedia and the internet accessible to everybody.

LMSOFT has achieved important technological innovations, and continues research and development efforts to achieve this goal.

The software designed by LMSOFT are noted for their combined ease of use and powerful editing tools.

Successive versions of LMSOFT's software have received a consistently enthusiastic reception from the public and press, and been rewarded with several important industry prizes.

LMSOFT products are sold in 5 languages on this website, and around the world through our growing network of distributors and in retail outlets in Canada, the United States and Europe.

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4950 Queen Mary #333
Montréal, Quebec H3W 1X3

Phone: 1.514.9481000
Email: info@lmsoft.com
Web: http://www.lmsoft.com

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For Frequently Asked Questions, tutorials and the knowledgebase, please check the Help Center.

For any issue not described in the available ressources or other technical issue, please submit a ticket to the technical support for assistance.



Distribution partner for the CD and download version in France & Australia


Distribution partner for the CD and download version in France


Distribution partner for download version on 01net portal. Development and commercialization partner for Site Creator


Distribution partner of the Spanish version


Distribution partner for the Mindscape download version.


Distribution partner of the Dutch version


Partner for translation of versions and contents in new languages

Druide informatique

Distribution partner for the CD version in Quebec. Partner for the integration of the Antidote spell-checker (french-only) in Web Creator


LMSOFT is a member of the AQT (Quebec Technology Association)